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Ronen’s all-time favorite movies

There are plenty of movies I like; films I have rated at 4 and 5 stars on this website. Yet, for this page, I have handpicked titles that I have seen over the years time and again, movies that, as the corny statement goes, I would have taken with me to keep me company, if ever stranded on a desert island (so long as, of course, that island would have a power source, a DVD player and TV...)
The following is a short tale to illustrate my criteria for the selection. Some years ago, I was invited for a private screening of a new feature. Soon after the images started rolling on the screen, it became clear to me that the film was rubbish. On and on it went, and given this was a small private screening, there was no way I could have excused myself and leave. When the torture was finally over, and we left the screening room, standing at the parking lot I told to a friend of mine, who accompanied me to the screening, that now I know what hell has in store for me: it would be this film, going on and on in an endless loop...
The list below is the opposite of that experience. I cannot count how many times I have, by chance, passed by a TV that happened to be playing, for example, The Bourne Identity, and regardless of what I intended to do, the movie drawn me into sitting and watching. Luckily the TV in my house is shut most of the time...

The list below is not organized by grades, preference, topic or any other logic. I added by each entry a short line about why it is a favorite.
The titles are highly diverse in topic, genre and year made. I trust that the list will grow over time so feel free to check it occasionally.
p.s. The below is purely subjective to my taste.
p.p.s. At least for now I elected not to list depressing films, even if they are great. This is in line with films to see repeatedly on a desert island - who wants to get depressed when you are stranded...

  • Princess Bride – the fairest tale of them all.
  • Bourne series with Matt Damon – the ultimate action-spy movie.
  • Babette Feast – a film that bridges art and spirituality in a manner very few other stories were able to convey.
  • Star Wars (original trilogy) – the embodiment of myth into Sci-Fi in a form that is digestible by just about anyone, Wookiees included.
  • Stardust – I fell in love with this wicked fantasy the first time I saw it.
  • The Man Who Planted Trees – a 30 min animation short I watch occasionally as a source of visionary inspiration.
  • Groundhog Day – best use of time-loop in film, combining karma and reincarnation into a loveable tale. It does what a good story should do – show, not tell.
  • Back to the Future series – talking about time travel, this is another ultimate.
  • Blade Runner – Sci-Fi meets Private-Eye Film Noir style in the most engaging way.
  • Brazil – Terry Gilliam’s best.
  • Monti Phyton’s Life of Brian – I love most of the Monti Phyton sketches and films but for me this one tops them all.
  • American Beauty - captivating.
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy - a fable that is both hysterically funny, totally naïve, and brutally spot-on, even if completely fictional..
  • Seinfeld - no need to explain.
  • Kung Fu (the original series with David Carradine)
  • Six Feet Under - best TV drama, ever.
  • Firefly - Sci Fi meets the Wild West. Cultish. I was a fan.  
  • Battlestar Galactica - I didn't believe someone can outdo Star Trek, The Next Generation, then this series came along. Frak that.
  • Foyle's War - WWII pieces of hidden history rolled into a compelling detective story with the proper English accent? What's not to like?
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