Fast Five (2011) ***

Fast FiveIf you are looking for some adrenalin-pumping, no questions asked (especially when it come to defying the laws of physics) mind distraction, this film is for you. Its carnival in Rio but not of the type celebrated by music, costumes and dance; rather by crushing cars and shooting guns.
An early start to the summer fluff movies, Fast Five is the latest installment in the series to which I don’t usually subscribe. Still, with nothing else to see, and relatively high praises by some critics, it got my attention.
What makes wrecking cars and creating havoc so appealing, is a question we can leave to psychologists and philosophers. In its specific category Fast Five rates high, delivering high octane, or, if to quote from the film itself, it’s all testosterone. Just remember – don’t ask questions and you may survive. Besides, question such a film is much like asking a Hummer for its fuel efficiency...