Come Hell or High Water (2016) ***

Directed by David Mackenzie to a screenplay by Taylor Sheridan, Come Hell or High Water is a Western-style crime action thriller, with an undertone of social commentary related to the 2008 recession. It stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster and the one and only, Jeff Bridges.
While winning critical acclaim, I was not personally taken by the story, and here is why. Past the first part of the film, when the characters' motivation became clear, the plot seemed to stagger. Furthermore, and without giving away the ending, a story of this sort required a real villain. However, the antagonist here is represented by a meek banker, one that is not even worth a bullet. That was a disappointment, making the peak an anticlimax.
That being said, the direction and acting are terrific as is the general feel of the movie, including but not limited to the cinematography and art-direction. To a point, Come Hell or High Water reminded me a modern Bonnie and Clyde. I did like that this film used the 2008 recession as the backdrop for the plot, and it handles it in its own very original manner.
Come Hell or High Water is not a bad film, but I am afraid it is not the hype some critics made it to be.