Meet John Doe (1941) *****

Meet John DoeIf you have never seen Meet John Doe, a Frank Capra film, starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, you are in for a treat. This film has it all (well, almost all): witt, romance, journalism, policits, corruption (or am I repeating myself?...) and even, yes, possibly the roots for the Occupy movement... Cooper and Stanwyck play well off each other under Capra's capable direction.
The film brings up a couple of interesting points, which are not fully developed, as it ends up focusing the plot on the social and romance elements. These include the interplay between a fictional character, the person who invents that character, and the person who portrays the role, both as a symbol and as a love object. It is a much more complex topic than this film covers but an intriguing hint all the same.
A classic, this film is a must for film lovers.